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peter petrelli;
They have a long and colorful history of hatred. And jealousy on Sylar's part. And then they were brothers for like a week and that was kind of cool. And then more hatred ... But anyway he thinks it's fun get under Peter's skin by doing all sorts of stupid shit to ~torture~ him. But ever since getting Nathan's memories his life is sometimes an awkward emotional place. Why so awkward to hate, Peter.
claire bennet;
Claire is his favorite stalking victim. One day she'll accept that, like Taylor Swift, she belongs with him.
Spike and Sylar may actually be the same person. It's alarming.
brian moser;
Brian is a bro, like Spike. And reminds Sylar that there actually are people more sociopathic and murderous than him. He remembers when he was that cool ...
the emoticon;
They used to be bros. Until Emo decided he wanted to get with Claire. An episode of Degrassi ensued. Isn't that always the way ...
After the three's company virus ten million years ago, Sylar still views Giselle as a sister-like-thing. He wants to put her in a glass cage and protect her from the world.
dexter morgan;
Sylar has Peter, and Brian has Dexter. Therefore, it's fun to irritate Dexter, too. They also share a love of apples.
claire fisher;
He started talking to her because her name was Claire. No joke. Now he likes to ... aimlessly flirt with her because her name is Claire?
blaine anderson;
He's like Luke, only more blatantly gay and possibly more intelligent.
hikaru sulu;
Hikaru is just jealous of the profound bond that Sylar and Jim used to share. And hasn't gotten over the fact that Sylar won their cat fight. True stories.
debra morgan;
Bitch needs to step off Brian take some Midol.
faith lehane;
Spike's Deb ...? Girl needs some Midol, too. Or therapy. Maybe both.
The original bitch who's fun to annoy on DDD. Responds well to being called princess.
Claire's boyfriend or something? Azula's brother. He hasn't figured him out yet, but he wants to. Because it will bring him one step closer to ruining Claire (Bennet)'s life.
hiro nakamura;
Small annoying Asian man.
Hot blonde bitch.
joey quinn;
Shared love of lolcats.
dropped characters and misc.
jim kirk;
They were brought together by a shared annoyance directed at Emo for trolling their lives and posting Pinto pictures from his world. And then stayed together by realizing they had some of the same abandonment issues and a virus that made them think they were married for like a week. Sylar told Jim more of his ~secrets~ than he ever really told anyone and Jim acted as a life coach and general positive influence while Sylar was trying to redeem himself. He didn't take Jim leaving very well. That's why he was like fuck this I'm going to go be evil and kill Nathan Petrelli and be the president and shit. It's a really sensitive subject for him, okay.
ayanami rei;
Rei was so strange and fascinating to him because she was like how do I shot being human. And he was like Idk how do you. They had lots of deep philosophical conversations about life.
elle bishop;
He loved her s-so much and then he kind of killed her. Oops. Then she was on the community and he felt extraordinarily awkward.

gregory house;
He lived with Sylar and Giselle during the three's company virus and was like the bitter vicodin-addicted father Sylar never had. He also let Sylar go around PPTH pretending to be Dr. Wilson. Those were the best times.

Once Sylar killed and stuffed a rabbit with his real dad. He worldhopped through time to rescue it after he gave it to Danko. Now the rabbit ghost haunts him.

codes by [ profile] yuanru

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